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Trivelis - 1st DBSS In Clementi

Trivelis - One and only DBSS in Clementi Town.

Developer : EL Development (Clementi) Pte Ltd
Location : Clementi Ave 4
Description : 3 towers of 40 storey DBSS flats comprising 888 units of 3, 4, and 5 room units along Clementi Ave 4 and a 6/7 multi storey carpark
Site Area : 21,906.5sqm
Tenure : 99 years from date of issuance of TOP/CSC whichever is earlier
Expected TOP :     09 Mar 2015
Number of units: 888
Unit Type :
  • 3 rooms (60 sqm): 222 units
  • 4 rooms (80-82sqm): 518 units
  • 5 rooms (105 sqm): 148 units
Trivelis location plan

Trivelis location plan

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1) What is Design, Build & Sell Scheme (DBSS) Flats?
A1) DBSS flats are public housing flats developed by Private Developer. The successful developer will undertake the entire development from planning, design, and construction, to the sale of the flats directly to eligible buyers.
Flats under DBSS will be offered to buyers under similar HDB eligibility conditions like flats developed by HDB.
Upon completion of the building, the developer will hand over the entire development site to HDB for lease administration, and to the Town Council for maintenance of the common areas and car parks.

Design, Build & Sell Scheme (DBSS) Flats
Developers have flexibility to design as long as it does not compromise the objectives, fundamentals and characteristics of public housing.
The design will have to maintain open access to common properties. There will be no fencing and no facilities such as swimming pool, gymnasium and tennis courts.

Pricing and Payment
DBSS flats will have market pricing and payment will be based on progress payment model.

DBSS flats will come with 99 years lease.

Minimum Occupation Period (MOP)
DBSS flat buyers must occupy the flat for 5 years before they can sell it in the open market.
They can submit an application to buy another flat direct from HDB or a new DBSS flat after 5 years from taking possession of the flat.

Eligibility Conditions are similar to applying for new HDB flats.

New Update
Household incomes have increased from $8,000 per month to $10,000 per month to buy new DBSS flats.
$30,000 or $40,000 CPF Housing Grant is applicable.
1st Timers or Eligible Buyers:
- S$30,000 CPF Housing Grant
- S$40,000 CPF Housing Grant (If staying with or within 2km from their parents existing flat)

Resale Levy
2nd Timer buyers do not need to pay resale levy.

Priority Schemes
HDB Priority Schemes applies.
  • Grassroots Organisation Scheme (GRO)
  • Priority Scheme:
    (1) Married Child Priority (MCP) This scheme encourages married children and parents to reside within the same estate or neighbouring estate to foster care of the aged parents. Eligibility Conditions: You are applying for flats located in the same estates as your parents or married child, who are lessees, tenants or occupiers of a rental or homeownership HDB flat; or Your parents' or married child's existing housing block is within 2 km from the nearest block offered in the estate applied for; or Your parents' or married child's private property is within 2 km from the nearest block offered in the estate applied for. Your parents or married child must own and occupy the private property; or You are including your parents or married child in the application to stay together with them. If you book an apartment under this priority scheme, your parents or married child will be required to maintain the residence in the same flat or same estate for a period of 5 years from the date of taking possession of the new DBSS flat. They are not allowed to move to another HDB flat outside the existing town within the 5-year occupation period.
  • (2) Third Child Priority Scheme (TCP) The TCP scheme encourages families to have more than two children. To qualify for the TCP Scheme, you must meet the following requirements: Your family must have at least 3 children (natural offsprings from the lawful marriage); and Your third child must be a Singapore Citizen born on or after 1 Jan 1987, and your other children must be Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents; and You must be a Singapore Citizen and your spouse must be either a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident.

Ethnic Integration Policy (EIP)
EIP applies.

Purchase of DBSS flats can be financed through HDB Concessionary Loans (if eligible) or Bank Loan. You may wish to visit HDB website to find out more details.

Q2) What are the differences between BTO (Build-to-Order), DBSS (Design, Build and Sell Scheme) and EC (Executive Condo)?
A2) BTO are flats sold directly by HDB, they are usually priced below market value. DBSS are flats develop by private developer and the design will be similar to condo but without the facilities. DBSS flats are usually priced above resale HDB flats around the same area. EC are similar to private condos but subjected to HDB rulings, EC are usually priced below private condos and above resale HDB flats around the same area.

Q3) My wife and myself are Singapore Permanent Resident, can we buy a DBSS?
A3) No, you need to form a family nucleus of at least one Singapore Citizen (SC) and another Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR). In other words, the family nucleus need to be at least SC+SC or SC+SPR. Read more about Promoting Citizenship in HDB Households.

Q4) Can I use HDB loan for DBSS?
A4) Yes, you can use hdb loan for DBSS if your monthly household income is below $8000.

Q5) My household monthly income is $9,000, can I buy DBSS?
A5) Yes, you can buy DBSS that are launched after 31 Aug 2010 (eg Adora Green, Belvia, Trivelis, Lake Vista @ Yuan Ching, Parkland Residences) as your household monthly income is below $10,000. However, you can only use bank loan for the financing of your DBSS.

Q6) My household monthly income is $10,200, which is slightly above the income ceiling of $10,000, can I apply?
A6) No, as you have already exceeded the income ceiling of $10,000.

Q7) This is my first time applying for a flat and my income is below $8,000. I can wait for 2 to 3 years for my flat to be completed, should I be applying for BTO or DBSS?
A7) There is no quick answer for this and I can only provide pointers to help you to make the decision. Please measure the different pros and cons before making the decision. Your first home is an important long-term commitment; if you are unable to make a decision after weighing the pros and cons, do speak to your relatives, friends and real estate agents.

Usually, the 2 key considering factors are price and location. Price is fixed and you can't change, thus you only need to work out your budget (cash and CPF) and find a home within this range. Location may be a more difficult decision to make. Usually, the preferred location is near MRT station. Singapore is well-connected by the MRT lines, thus staying near MRT station would means that you can travel easily within Singapore. Of course, any home that is near MRT station will be higher priced than those that is not near MRT station. A lot of buyers may stretch their budget just to get a home that is near MRT station. Other preferred locations are staying near parents or workplace.

Pricewise, BTO is most attractively priced compared to both DBSS and EC. If there is a BTO, which is conveniently located for yourself, this should be your first choice. Usually BTO with good location tends to be oversubscribed (many buyer bidding for 1 single unit), and thus you may not be selected even after several attempts. If location is not a key consideration factor, you should then consider the less popular BTO.

However, if you have been trying many times for BTO but still fail to secure a unit yet, you may want to consider a DBSS (Adora Green, Belvia, Trivelis, Lake Vista @ Yuan Ching, Parkland Residences) or Executive Condo.

Q8: Can I use my CPF monies to pay the full 20% downpayment for the purchase of Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) flats when signing the Sale and Purchase Agreement with the Developer?
A8: For purchase of DBSS flats, buyers are required to pay an option fee equivalent to 5% of the purchase price in cheque/cashiers order when they sign the Option to Purchase (OTP) with the developer. However, upon signing the Sale and Purchase Agreement with the developer and paying the balance 15% downpayment, the option fee for DBSS flats can be reimbursed with CPF monies if buyers have sufficient monies in their CPF Ordinary Account. This arrangement is only applicable for those buyers taking an HDB loan or those who are not taking a loan.

Q9: What about buyers who are taking a bank loan, can they use their CPF monies for the full 20% downpayment under the Design, Build & Sell Scheme (DBSS)?
A9: Buyers who are taking a bank loan to finance their property purchase would have to make cash downpayment of at least 5% of the VL. If buyers have an existing housing loan with either HDB or any financial institution regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) at the time of property purchase, buyers would have to make a higher cash downpayment of at least 10% of the VL. The balance of the downpayment, after the buyers have made the required cash payment, can be paid using CPF monies.

Q10: If I qualify for HDB concessionary loan, how much CPF can I use to purchase a Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) flat?
A10: You can use your Ordinary Account savings and future monthly CPF contributions in this account to buy a DBSS flat and/or to pay the monthly installments of the HDB loan up to the Valuation Limit (VL). If your housing loan is still outstanding when your total CPF usage has reached the VL, you may withdraw further CPF savings if you can set aside the prevailing Minimum Sum cash component (for members below 55 years old), or the Minimum Sum cash shortfall (for members 55 years old and above).

Q11: Can I use my CPF to purchase a Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) flat?
A11: Yes. You may use your CPF savings to buy a DBSS flat. However, the cash difference between the purchase price of the flat and your CPF savings and your housing loan has to be paid first before your CPF savings can be released. If you are using your CPF savings for progressive payments, you can reserve your CPF savings for future progressive payments, when you first submit the application to use CPF for DBSS flats.

Q12: If I am taking a bank loan, how much CPF can I use to purchase a Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) flat?
A12: You can use your Ordinary Account savings and future monthly CPF contributions in this account to buy a property and/or to pay the monthly installments of the bank loan up to the Valuation Limit (VL). If your housing loan is still outstanding when your total CPF usage has reached the VL, you may withdraw further CPF savings up to the applicable Housing Withdrawal Limit, if you can set aside the prevailing Minimum Sum cash component (for members below 55 years old), or the Minimum Sum cash shortfall (for members 55 years old and above).

Q13) I am a first timer and I am eligible for 90% HDB loans, how much do I need to prepare for buying an DBSS?
A13) For purchase of DBSS, you need to pay 5% option fee upon booking and 15% for downpayment. For HDB loans, you may be eligible to loan up to a maximum of 90% of the purchased price (subjected to HDB approval). You may also be eligible for CPF housing grant of maximum $40k and Additional CPF Housing Grant of maximum $40k, which can be used to offset the initial 15% downpayment.

The initial payments to be made are:
i) Option fee (cash only) - 5% of purchase price upon booking. (Cash only but reimbursable from own CPF, see here)
ii) Stamp duty (cash or cpf) - [ (3% x purchase price) - 5400 ] (for purchase price above $360,000)
iii) Downpayment (cash or cpf or partial HDB loan) - 15% of purchase price
iv) Remaining 80% will usually be paid by progressive payment financed by your loan. The monthly installment can be deducted from CPF (if there are sufficient CPF) and the amount will be determined by the loan quantum, loan tenure and interest rate.

Example, the intital payments for $550,000 unit.
i) Option fee (cash only) - $27,500
ii) Stamp duty (cash or cpf) - $11,100
iii) Downpayment (cash or cpf or partial HDB loan) - $82,500 ($42,500 if eligible for $40k CPF housing grant)

Q14) After making the intial downpayment, when is the next payment?
A14) For DBSS project, the developer will offer progress payment to buyers, whereby the loan (HDB or Bank loan) will be disbursed progressively to meet the progress payments during the construction period. Buyers will commence payment of their monthly instalments once the loan is disbursed under the Gradual Repayment Plan i.e. the instalments will be calculated based on the amount of loan disbursed over the outstanding loan duration. The instalment amount will comprise both interest and principal. Below is an estimated progress payment and meant for your reference.

Q15) I am currently applying for Build-To-Order (BTO) from HDB, can I apply for DBSS?
A15) Yes, you can apply for DBSS even if you have submitted your application for BTO, you will only need to cancel the BTO when you book a DBSS flat.

Q16) I am very interested in getting a unit (if the price is right), what is the procedure? *
Prior showflat opening
If you are really interested in getting a unit, you should first engage a salesperson to check your eligibility to buy a DBSS. You will also need to check if you are eligible for the priority scheme, eg Married Child Priority Scheme (MCPS) and/or Third Child Priority Scheme (TCPS), so as to increase your chances in the balloting. For first timer who is eligible for MCPS, you may be eligible for additional $10k CPF Housing Grant if your household income has not exceeded $8k.

You should also understand the financial commitment (cash, cpf, grant, loan granted etc). Should you be eligible for HDB loan, please apply for the HDB Loan Eligibility (HLE) letter from HDB website. Speak to your preferred banker for bank loan.

Check with the salesperson on the documents required (NRIC, payslips, marriage certificate etc) for e-application and fill up the e-application form prior showflat opening. When the showflat is open, you will be able to focus more time on the showflat viewing rather than spending time doing the paperwork. You may email the e-application form to us for verification. The e-application is free of charge and there is no penalty should you decided not to book a unit (even if you are successfully balloted). Note that you do NOT need to pay salesperson any commission, we are engaged by developer to help interested buyers with all sales related matters.

During showflat opening
Make an appointment with the salesperson to view the showflat. Bring along your relevant documents for e-application and submit your e-application at the showflat. Showflat is expected to be crowded during launch, thus it is advisable to make an appointment with the salesperson prior visiting the showflat. Weekend are expected to be even more crowded, thus to have a better view experience, you may want to consider visiting the showflat in the weekdays instead. Do speak to the banker and/or HDB officer (if any) at the showflat to understand more on the financial commitment.

During showflat closure (prior balloting and booking)
If you are applying for HDB loan, you should ensure that you received the HLE prior booking. If you are applying for bank loan, you should get in-principal approval from your preferred banker. You should know the maximum loan granted prior booking, as should there be a shortfall between the maximum loan and the purchase price, the difference is required to be cover by Cash, CPF and/or CPF Housing Grant (if eligible). This is even more important if you have just started to work and do not have alot of CPF contribution yet or you have utilized a large portion of your CPF to pay off the existing housing loan. For those with existing housing loan, the maximum loan granted will be lower than those without any housing loan.

Other than working out your finances, you should also be shortlisting your preferred units. Some of the factors you may want to take into consideration are unit type (3, 4 or 5 rooms), layout, facing and level etc. The actual pricing should be released about 2 days prior booking, check with your salesperson on your shortlisted units pricing (actual pricing usually will not be released publicly).

During showflat closure, the applicants will be balloted by the computerized system and allocate with an appointment date/time to book a unit at the showflat. For those with earlier appointment date/time, they will be able to select the unit first, thus should stand a better chance to select their choice units. The booking may span for a few days and if your booking appointment is not on the first day, it is likely that you will be anxious to know if your choice units are already taken up. If you have e-applied with our salesperson, we will try our best to update you on your choice units availablities.

During booking
Bring along your list of shortlisted units (as many as possible), pending documents (if any) & 5% cheque, HLE (if applicable). The salesperson will be there to assist you with the booking. Booking may take few hours, thus do have a proper meal and bring extra clothing (may be cold after few hours at the showflat) prior coming down.

* These are just general guidelines and may not be comprehensive enough to cover all scenarios, the actual process from e-application to booking will be on a case-by-case basis. If you are really interested to book a unit, always speak to the salesperson first and try to engage the same salesperson throughout the entire process. Contact our salesperson now.

Q16) What if I missed the e-application?
A16) If you missed the e-application, you will NOT be qualified for the balloting and thus you will NOT be able to book a unit during the balloting exercise. However, should there be balance units after the balloting exercise and your ethnic quota is not filled, you may still be eligible to book a unit via walk-in-selection.

Q17) I and/or partner are not available for the e-application and/or booking, is it still possible to qualify for balloting and book a unit?
A17) Yes, it can be done. Please speak to our salesperson asap and we will advise you accordingly.

Q18) Do we need to pay the salesperson commission?
A18) No, you do not need to pay the salesperson commission. We are engaged by developer to help with sales related matters. Please speak to the salesperson, as buying house is a big commitment, we will be able to advise you accordingly.

Latest Updates

09th Sep 2012
Chinese Ethnic Quota have been reached! Malay, Indian & other races are welcome!

14th May 2012
4rm and 5rm fully sold. 3 Room from $370,000 to $455,000.

3rd Dec 2011
Balloting over, over 70% sold. 5 rooms fully sold.
WALK IN SELECTION From 3 December 2011, Saturday

23rd Sept 2011
Targeted e-application period:
26-31 Oct 2011

During the e-application period, the showflat will be opened daily (time to be confirmed). It is expected that the showflat to be crowded during this period, make an appointment with us prior coming down to have a better viewing experiences.

If you are keen on getting a unit, let us help you with a smooth e-application. There are eligibility conditions, documents required, priority schemes, financial commitment etc which you may not be familiar with. Register your interest with us and let us help you with a smooth e-application and booking.

19th Sept 2011
Trivelis - New Clementi DBSS launching soon. Register your interest now to be updated of the launch information.

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