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RiverParc Residence

E-application on 1st July - 5th July 2011

River Parc Residence is located in the north-eastern Punggol district of Singapore. This exclusive Executive Condominium is well-positioned in the precinct under the Punggol 21+ plan which is taking shape with surrounding developments such as the Punggol Waterway. This exclusive residential (executive condominium) development comprises 7 blocks, offering two-to four-bedroom units. It boasts quality interior design features of a condominium and an exquisite waterfront themed landscape architectural design with amenities and a clubhouse.

River Parc Residence can be accessed via Punggol Drive Road and the nearby Punggol MRT and Kadaloor LRT Station. The location is surrounded by nearby retail shopping malls like Pungool Plaza, Rivervale Mall, groceries and schools.

Developer : Qingjian Realty (Punggol) Pte Ltd
Location : Punggol Drive / Punggol East
Site Area : Approx 169,000 sqft / approx 15,700 sqm
Lease Term : Leasehold 99 years
Expected TOP :     31 August 2014
Blocks / Sotrey: 7 blocks / 18 storey
Number of units : 504 units
Unit Type :
  • 2-bdrm: (829 sqft)
  • 3-bdrm compact : (990 sqft)
  • 3-bdrm : (1,076 sqft)
  • 3-bdrm (Dual Key) : (1,227 sqft)
  • 4-bdrm compact : (1,238 sqft)
  • 4-bdrm + Utility : (1,346 sqft)
  • 4-bdrm (Dual Key) : (1,485 sqft)
Description : Proposed housing development with full condominium facilities including lap pool, lounge pool, spa pool, aqua gym, bubble pool, children’s splash pool / spray cove, spa pool, rain shower, fitness corner, hammock lawn, BBQ pits, tea pavilion, putting green, koi pond, Clubhouse etc.
Main Contractor : Qing Dao Construction (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Architect : ADDP Architects Pte Ltd
Structural Consultant : EP Engineering Partnership
M & E Engineer : KTP International
Landscape Architect : Site Concept International Pte Ltd
RiverParc Residence Siteplan

RiverParc Residence perspective

RiverParc Residence Punggol Promenade

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Preferred Unit Type: 2-bdrm: (829 sqft)
3-bdrm compact : (990 sqft)
3-bdrm + Utility : (1,076 sqft)
3-bdrm (Dual Key) : (1,227 sqft)
4-bdrm compact : (1,238 sqft)
4-bdrm + Utility : (1,346 sqft)
4-bdrm (Dual Key) : (1,485 sqft)

EC sales in Singapore picks up with higher income ceiling

Sep 22, 2011 - Property Report

Sales of executive condos (ECs) have picked up after last week’s announcement that the higher income ceiling of S$12,000 (US$ 9316) would apply to five other EC projects with unsold units, according to an article on Singapore's property website PropertyGuru.

According to Qingjian Realty pte. Ltd., over 50 EC units have been snapped up at RiverParc Residence in Punggol since last week, bringing total sales to 468 units or 93 per cent of the 504-unit project.

Most of the buyers were newly eligible, being in the S$10,000 (US$ 7764) to S$12,000 (US$ 9316) income bracket, the company said.

Likewise, at United Engineers’ 540-unit Austville Residences in Sengkang, the number of EC buyers was twice as much than over a regular weekend before the implementation of the higher income ceiling, said a spokesman.

About 350 units or 65 per cent of the project launched in January have been sold, with guests at the showflat also doubling over the weekend.

"In particular, we saw quite a large number of interested buyers, who were previously disqualified due to their combined household income exceeding S$10,000, coming back to our showflat to make a purchase," the spokesman at Qingjian Realty said.

The spokesman noted that the company is confident about the outlook of ECs. Furthermore, new EC launches in the past year offer a better design and higher building quality.

"With increased incomes and widespread aspirations of living in a condominium among Singaporeans, young couples and HDB upgraders will always consider ECs as a housing option, especially when EC prices continue to be below those of private condominiums."

The revised income ceiling initially applied only to EC projects launched after 15 August, when the announcement was made.

However, the Ministry of National Development (MND) had received numerous appeals to apply the new policy to all EC projects, regardless of their launch dates for public sale.

New income ceiling to apply to 5 earlier EC projects

14 September 2011 1100 hrs - Channel News Asia

SINGAPORE: The revised S$12,000 income ceiling for executive condominiums (EC) will also apply to five projects launched before August 15 this year.

The Ministry of National Development said it made this change following public feedback to apply the new ceiling to projects launched before August 15, the date the new ceiling was announced for EC projects.

MND said it found the feedback sound as it will enable home buyers to enjoy a wider selection of EC units across projects and locations.

The five EC projects launched before August 15 this year still have about 600 unsold units.

The projects are: Esparina Residences and Austville Residences in Sengkang, The Canopy in Yishun, RiverParc Residence in Punggol and Blossom Residences in Bukit Panjang.

Analysts welcome the move, saying it is "sensible" as there are many people who could not buy units at these projects.

Eugene Lim, key executive officer of ERA Realty Network, said: "This is good news as the $10-$12K group were previously not allowed to buy existing projects, even if (they were) near their parents' house. Developers are also happier as it means a larger pool of buyers for their existing EC projects."

Some analysts say the new move could also affect prices.

Nicholas Mak, executive director of research and consultancy at SLP International, said: "Some of the EC projects that were launched after August 15, the developers may have to adjust, re-look at the prices - because now they will be facing more competition from five other EC projects that were launched previously.

"As for the EC projects that were launched before August 15, I think it may (be unlikely) that they will adjust upwards their prices. The reason is that firstly, the units that are unsold are the remnant units so the developers may want to complete their sales of all their units so that they can concentrate on the construction."

500 more LRT trips for Sengkang and Punggol

03:39 PM Aug 02, 2011 - Todayonline

SBS Transit will be adding 492 more trips per week to the Sengkang and Punggol LRT systems to cater to the increase in ridership demand.

These will be implemented from next Monday (8 Aug), resulting in shorter waiting times for commuters.

On the Sengkang West Loop, 34 more trips will be added daily during the weekday peak hours.

Between 6.45am and 8.45am, 16 more trips will be operated which will reduce waiting time from the current four minutes to about three minutes.

During the evening peak hours from 6.15pm to 8.30pm, 18 new trips will be added and commuters will find their waiting time reduced by about a minute to four minutes.

Even the off-peak hours, between 8.45am and 6.15pm, will see shorter waiting times with the addition of 33 new trips per weekday.

On weekends, a total of 47 new trips will be operated throughout the day from 10am to 11pm.

This means 20 extra trips on Saturdays and 27 new trips on Sundays and public holidays.

On the Sengkang East Loop, 12 more new trips will be added a day during the evening peak hours which will reduce waiting time to three minutes, down from the current four minutes.

And at the Punggol East Loop, 10 new trips will be operated daily during the morning peak hours to enhance capacity. CHANNEL NEWSASIA

New eco-friendly Wetland and Riverfront Promenade for the North-East

News Releases ~ 5 March 2011

1,000 residents brisk walk to mark the opening of Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters at Lorong Halus Wetland and Punggol Promenade (Riverside Walk)

RiverParc Residence ~ Coming up in Punggol Located at the north-eastern part of Singapore, Punggol Town has been envisaged as a unique waterfront town with a range of commercial, social and recreational facilities for residents. The latest leisure additions to the town -- Lorong Halus Wetland and the Riverside Walk of the Punggol Promenade were officially opened by Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean on 5 March 2011.

Former Landfill Turned Eco-friendly Wetland

A portion of the old Lorong Halus landfill along the eastern bank of Serangoon Reservoir has been transformed into an educational site and a sanctuary for plants, birds and other wildlife. Using an innovative bio-remediation system, national water agency PUB designed the Lorong Halus Wetland to collect and treat water passing through the former landfill, preventing it from flowing into Serangoon Reservoir. At the same time, the wetland creates a new haven for biodiversity that provides opportunities for recreation, research, and education. The project is part of the Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters (ABC Waters) Programme by national water agency PUB.

"The Lorong Halus Wetland will provide a new space for members of the public to enjoy not just the tranquility and greenery of the wetland, but also the new habitat that this wetland has created for birds, butterflies, dragonflies and other wildlife," said Mr Tan Nguan Sen, PUB’s Director of Catchment and Waterways. "We hope that through this site, the public will understand the functions of the wetland, be drawn closer to water and in their own way help to keep the water clean."

A rustic trail has been laid out among the reed beds and the ponds, allowing the public to get up close to the wetland system. A pedestrian bridge has also been constructed across Serangoon Reservoir to allow for easy access by the public and residents from the Punggol New Town located on the western bank of the reservoir. PUB hopes members of the community will take ownership of our waterways and waterbodies and play their part in helping to bring these places to life and keep the waters clean.

Coming onboard to adopt Lorong Halus Wetland are grassroots organizations and schools in the Pasir Ris West Constituency. The schools include Serangoon Junior College, Greendale, Punggol, Sengkang and North Vista Secondary School. They will be using the wetland as part of their learning programme to understand how it works and helps in improving water quality. Elias Park Primary, Greendale Primary, Horizon Primary and Mee Toh Schools have also adopted the wetland, and the Singapore Nature Society will conduct quarterly guided walks for the public to appreciate nature.

Mdm Cassie Fan, Principal of Elias Park Primary School, said, "Elias Park Primary School has been a strong supporter of PUB’s programmes since the adoption of Sungei Api Api in 2007. Since then, the school has extended our Biodiversity Corridor which enables our students to hold outdoor lessons beyond the school’s boundary. As a recipient of the prestigious Watermark Award in 2009, the school believes in 3 aspects of learning – Experiential Learning, Outdoor Learning, and Authentic Learning. Moving forward, the adoption of Lorong Halus Wetland definitely allows us to further reinforce our 3 beliefs amongst students and staff."

Opening up the Punggol waterfront

DPM Teo also opened a riverfront promenade on the western bank of the reservoir. Built by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), this stretch of promenade, named the Riverside Walk, is part of the larger 4.9 km long Punggol Promenade currently being developed to create more waterfront recreation opportunities for the residents in the area. Envisioned as a rustic promenade, it allows families to enjoy the natural setting of the river banks. It is designed with exercise stations, dedicated bicycle and jogging tracks, as well as lookout points that allow visitors to get closer to the water’s edge.

The Punggol Promenade is part of URA’s Parks and Waterbodies and Identity Plans. In the plans, the coastal and waterfront areas of Punggol were envisaged as a major recreational and leisure destination for the residents in the North-east of Singapore. When fully completed at the end of the year, the promenade will provide seamless public access to the entire Punggol waterfront and serve as a recreation corridor to support future waterfront housing and a range of recreation developments. Said URA Group Director of Conservation and Development Services Mr Ler Seng Ann, "I am very pleased that we are now one step closer towards realising the vision of providing the waterfront promenade so residents can access coastal areas for leisure and recreation. It will make a big difference to quality of life of residents in this area. The URA will continue with similar improvement projects in other areas of Singapore such as Labrador to enhance the living environment."

Residents in the area have been looking forward to the opening of the Lorong Halus Wetland and Riverside Walk. This was evident from the 1,000 enthusiastic residents, old and young, who gathered for a brisk walk to officiate the opening Lor Halus Wetland and Punggol Promenade at 8am on the day.

Said Mr Neo Kim Swee, "It is indeed a good opportunity for residents to get together today and do a brisk walk from Punggol Promenade to Lor Halus Wetland. Residents also get to know about the linkage between Punggol and Lor Halus via the bridge across the Serangoon Reservior. Residents are also looking at the formation of brisk walking interest groups and nature walk interest group after today’s event."

Lower top bid of $136m for Punggol EC site shows supply side curbs taking effect

Written by The Edge - Thursday, 23 September 2010 18:36

The Executive Condominium (EC) site at Punggol Drive / Punggol East (Punggol E2a) has drawn four bids from developers. The highest bid of $136,170,000 ($237 psf ppr) came from Qingdao Construction (Singapore). This is 2.2% higher than the second highest bid. However it is 23% lower than the price paid by ChoiceHomes Investments & CEL Development for another Executive Condominium site at Punggol Field / Punggol Road (Punggol E4) in June.

"This indicates that the supply-side measures, such as supplying more development land, implemented by the Government is having an effect of lowering land prices. This could also lead to more price competition among developers in 2011. Whether this would lead to lower home prices in 2011 will depends on whether the investment climate and economic condition then would be worse than those experienced today," says Executive Director Nicholas Mak of SLP International Property Consultants.

Li Hiaw Ho, Executive Director, CBRE Research, says: "The quantum of bids is quite modest, which is expected for a location that is lacking in amenities and further away from the Punggol Central. The top bid of $136.17 million reflects $237 psf/plot ratio and translates to a breakeven cost above $500 psf. Units in this new EC project will possibly sell around $600 psf. In the resale market, units in Park Green, The Rivervale and The Florida were sold at $550-$650 psf between June and August 2010. With the government’s plans to develop Punggol New Town into a residential estate with mostly waterfront housing, the executive condominium project will be attractive to young couples and couples with young children."

The site is situated at Punggol Drive/ Punggol East, on the eastern boundary of Punggol New Town. It is a short walk from Kandaloor LRT station, the third station from Punggol MRT station and bus interchange.

Provisional Tender Results - Sale of State Land Parcel Punggol E2a at Punggol Drive/ Punggol East for Executive Condominium Housing Development

Posted on 23 Sep 2010

Punggol E2a site location The Housing & Development Board (HDB) launched the sale of the land parcel Punggol E2a at Punggol Drive / Punggol East on 5 Aug 2010.

The details of the land parcel are as follows:
Location: Punggol Drive / Punggol East
Proposed Development: Executive Condominium Housing
Site Area: 15,700 sq m
Max. Allowable GFA [GPR] : 53,380 sq m [3.4]
Estimated No. of Dwelling Units 485
Project Completion Period: 48 months (4 years) from the date of acceptance of tender
Lease Term: 99 years

The tender closed at 12 noon today with 4 bids received. The details of the provisional tender results are below:
S/N Name of Tenderer Tender Price
1 Qingdao Construction (Singapore) Pte Ltd 136,170,000 2,550.96
2 Hoi Hup Realty Pte Ltd,
Sunway Developments Pte Ltd &
SC Wong Holdings Pte Ltd
133,210,000 2,495.50
3 ChoiceHomes Investments Pte Ltd &
CEL Development Pte Ltd
119,880,000 2,245.78
4 Frasers Centrepoint Limited
103,428,800 1,937.59

Latest Updates

14th Sep 2011
Income ceiling for RiverParc Residence are now increased to $12k (read news). About 100+ units available for booking, make an appointment now before they are gone. Call 9012 2228.

25th Jul 2011
Over 280 units sold after the first round of e-application. Re-opening to public for walk-in selection from 30 July onwards. To check the available units and pricing, please call the Developer Sales Team at 9012 2228 or fill up the registration from.

23rd Jun 2011
E-Brochure download (9.5MB)

E-Application Date : 1 - 5 July 2011

To ensure a smooth e-application with minimum hassle, please make an appointment with our experienced salesperson at 9012 2228 or Register your interest with us. We will also help you with the financial estimation.

Documents required:
  • proof of identity
  • proof of income
  • proof of relationship
Computerized balloting. Results will be out on 16 July. All successfully balloted applicants will be give an appintment date / time.

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RiverParc Residence pool view

RiverParc Residence view from balcony

RiverParc Residence surrondings

Shaping My Punggol

Punggol 21 plus - punggol waterfront town artist impression
In September 2007, HDB exhibited the plans for Remaking Our Heartland to realise, rejuvenate and regenerate housing estates in Singapore. Under this initiative, Punggol will be developed into a Waterfront Town of the 21st Century.

Punggol taking shape Punggol taking shape

Promenades in Punggol Promenades in Punggol

Water Features in Punggol Water Features in Punggol

Landscape masterplan for punggol waterway Landscape masterplan

Townpark in Punggol Townpark

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My Waterway @ Punggol

RiverParc Residence surrondings

RiverParc Residence surrondings

RiverParc Residence surrondings

RiverParc Residence surrondings

RiverParc Residence surrondings

RiverParc Residence surrondings

RiverParc Residence surrondings

RiverParc Residence surrondings

RiverParc Residence surrondings

RiverParc Residence surrondings

RiverParc Residence surrondings

RiverParc Residence surrondings

RiverParc Residence surrondings

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